April 3 – April 14
Tohoku & Hiroshima Japan
(Tour & Playground Update, April 1, 2014)

The Grateful Crane Ensemble, a non-profit theater company based in Los Angeles, will be going on a goodwill tour to Japan this April to sing songs of hope and inspiration for tsunami survivors in Tohoku, and for local residents in Hiroshima.

Departing from Los Angeles on April 3 and returning on April 14, the tour will feature Grateful Crane members performing in the tsunami-affected towns of Minamisanriku, Ishinomaki and Tome. In Hiroshima, the group will tour the Hiroshima Peace Park and Museum, with plans of bringing a message of peace through music and song to Hibakusha (atomic bomb survivors).

The Tohoku portion of the trip is sponsored by a generous grant from the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund (NJERF) organized by the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC) in San Francisco. Additional tour supporters include Tomiye Sumner, Frank & Betty Hiji, Gary Kawaguchi, Tammie Kanda and Randy and Mari Tamura.

“We want to extend our thanks and appreciation to the NJERF in San Francisco, and to all of our donors for making this goodwill tour possible,” said Soji Kashiwagi, Executive Producer of the Grateful Crane Ensemble. “Thanks to their support, we will be carrying on the Issei and Nisei tradition of ‘otagaisama,’—helping one another when help is needed.”

For More Info, go to "Coming Up".

For More Info, go to "Coming Up".